Dental Imaging

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Dental Imaging and Its Benefits

Dental imaging enables our dentist to view your dental anatomy from wider and different angles. For instance, a better angle of bone structures that aid in locating dental problems or the ability to examine anatomical structures more precisely. This great advancement in the field of dentistry is not only time saving but also provides excellent and accurate results.

Digital X-rays

Offering superior resolution with less radiation exposure, digital radiography at your Cypress dentist is an excellent way to help diagnose oral problems. Digital X-rays not only use 90% less radiation than traditional film X-rays but are also much less time-consuming.

 Using a small radiographic camera that is only slightly larger than a pen, we capture images of each tooth. This technology eliminates the need for developing or chemical processing of the images. Instead, they appear instantly on a computer screen as each scan is complete. By shifting the angle of the imaging wand only slightly, the dentist can capture every surface of every tooth. 

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